Sunday, November 4, 2018 11:00AM

<a href=""><b>Workshop: <br>Reconsidering Photography in the Qajar Court <br>with Kate Schneider</b></a>
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It’s time to learn how to use your smartphone to make stunning photographs! Inspired by the work inside the dynamics of Qajar court art, this workshop will help you learn how to use your phone to capture beautiful and creative images. Following this workshop, you will not only come away with a greater understanding of how to think and see photographically, you will also have a set of printed images you can take home and show off.

Kate Schneider is a photo-based artist, educator, and kayak instructor living in Toronto, Ontario. Her art practice considers how the environment is (re)presented in political and cultural discourses and her current projects used traditional photographic media along with non-traditional media, such as screen-captured images. Kate's works have shown at Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art (Toronto), SoHo Photo gallery (New York), the Great Plains Art Museum (Lincoln, Nebraska), and Spellerberg Projects (Austin, Texas). Senator Barbara Boxer used Kate's works as a visual testimony against the Keystone XL pipeline on the floor of the United States Senate in 2014, and her works have been published in Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward publication and PDN's Photo Annual.