Thursday, June 13, 2019 7:00PM

<a href=""><b>Finding Ourselves in Our Clothes <br>with Meera Sethi</b></a>
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Join us for an empowering look at an everyday act: getting dressed. In the finale to this season’s new Changemakers Talk Series, contemporary Canadian artist Meera Sethi discusses why she makes art about clothes, and how clothes are a powerful means of understanding the bodies they cover, celebrate, and expose.

Sethi’s art is often about fashion and encompasses a range of mediums, but in this unconventional artist’s talk she discusses not so much what she makes, but why she makes it. With the intention of posing questions about the relationships between migration, diaspora, hybridity, and belonging, Sethi creates art that explores contemporary histories on the edge of representation, especially queer and “post”-colonial moments in South-Asian Canadian communities. Bringing together politics, culture, and spirit, this talk will show you how what you wear can become a precious resource for positive change – and will leave you thinking differently about the shirt on your back.

Our Changemakers Talk Series delves into the critical conversations of our times, and this season showcases four exceptional women forging new paths in art and activism around the world.