Saturday, February 15, 2020 7:30PM

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Join us for a night of reimagined Persian music from Hayrian Ensemble, featuring Shaho Andalibi and Amir Koushkani. Inspired by the diversity of Iran’s regional music, the quintet fuses traditional, folkloric, spiritual, and modern styles to create a transcendent new sound, united with Sufi whirling.

The ensemble takes its name from a stage in the Sufi spiritual journey. Meaning bewilderment, hayrian comes with years of training and is a type of ecstasy that is not be talked about, only experienced.

Hayrian Ensemble is comprised of Shaho Andalibi (ney/vocals), Amir Koushkani (tar/vocals), Naghmeh Farahmand (percussion), Nima Haghighi (cello), and Farzad AttarJafari (whirling dervish).